• At the end of the day, the LoweFirm® excels in finding the best legal and practical solutions for each client whether the large or small business or individual is asserting offensive or finds itself defending claims in state or federal court.

  • As a retired Air Force/Air National Guard fighter pilot, Bob has continued to demonstrate his love of country through his membership in Exchange, America’s premier service organization. “Americanism” is at the heart of Exchange and Bob was proud to serve as the president of the 23 separate clubs of 1000+ members comprising the South Carolina District Exchange Clubs from 2014-2015.

  • While practicing law in a sophisticated and highly respected civil trial practice, Bob continued to fly jet fighters on a weekly basis as a member of the District of Columbia Air National Guard.  He also served as Inspector General and Director of Plans and Programs for the Headquarters, DC Air National Guard. Bob retired as a lieutenant colonel with over 2500 hours of fighter time.

  • Bob is married to his high school sweetheart and together they have two children.   As you will see in the articles link, both are heavily involved in community service.

  • Community service is an important part of the LoweFirm® ethos.  Bob is pictured presenting a “Youth of the Month” Award at the Apple Charter School on James Island in early 2013.  Though his leadership as president of the Evening Exchange Club of Charleston in 2013, his club completed more community service projects than any of the mid-sized Exchange Clubs in South Carolina

About the Firm

The LoweFirm® is headed by an alumnus of two of the finest regional and nationally recognized law firms in the country. We are prepared to craft a practical legal solution to challenges that confront businesses both large and small.

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Our Focus

The LoweFirm® is fortunate to have enjoyed the confidence of a wide range of clients who recognize that we can quickly assess requirements, marshal data, derive a workable plan, and produce tangible positive results capable of meeting even the most demanding task master (which generally turns out to be our own quality control and assurance processes).

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Case Studies

We are proud to have focused our strengths not only on our extensive work in complex litigation matters, historically the province of the “mega” law firms, but also in our strategic planning and execution initiatives in non-traditional practice areas.

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What Others Say About Us

  • The past three years have been trying. Defending the nonsensical suit brought against us has been an emotional rollercoaster that is impossible to describe to anyone who has not experienced such a disastrous event. This experience has had far reaching effects on not just me and my family, but our team of employees and their families as well. From a business owner who had everything on the line, it has been a great weight to bear.

    As you know, I have spent many many hours with many many attorneys through my years in the General Aviation business. Some good, some bad … always in crisis. I want you to know that with all my sincerity, and without hesitation, without question, you have been the hardest working, most thoughtful, most intelligent, most insightful, most caring person AND attorney that I have ever spent time with. And as importantly … the best partner I could have asked for to stand beside me through this “dog fight.” In fact, these simple words can’t justify the exponential thought and effort you put forth for my personal well being and for the Penn Van Aero family.

    Your exceptional efforts allowed us to walk away from this lawsuit unscathed, with our heads held high, and as you always said, “on the side of the angels.”

    There will always be a bottle of Taylor Port in my cellar with your name on it. .. ready for that day.

    And as Iceman said in the movie Top Gun … “You can be my wingman any day!” From all of us at Penn Van Aero, thank you!

    William Middlebrook, President/CEO, Penn Yan Aero

  • Who would have thought that the [plaintiff] would have to pay us damages (defendant software developer paid nothing)? Bob, you and your team are incredible.

    Software head developer’s remarks following settlement of trade mark and copyright claims in South Carolina federal court.

  • Robert Lowe is one lawyer who has come out ahead – but not before having to dispel some stereotypes[.]…[T]he agency is now a satisfied customer [in] a score of thrift[s].

    The Wall Street Journal – January 21, 1994

  • It is fair to say that your submissions on the general’s behalf were of service to him.

    U.S. Air Force Deputy General Counsel

  • Lowe & Associates is a successful, growing law firm because they provide excellent service and counsel to their clients. It’s that simple.

    Senior Counsel and Director of Legal Programs, Government Trade Magazine – Summer 1995

  • Without your expert help, I wouldn’t have been able to do it…

    Risk Manager of Nordstrom, Inc. commenting on the establishment of a new presence at the Pentagon City and Tysons’ Corner Shopping Centers in Northern Virginia.

  • Our work with Lowe & Associates on professional liability matters has been a pleasure; they have top notch attorneys and are incredibly well-organized and responsive.

    Managing Partner of large 160-year old law firm. Government Trade Magazine – Summer 1995

  • Your selection as one of the three members of the National Exchange Club Committee on Jurisprudence and Laws is a tribute to you and to our Club.

    President of the Exchange Club of Charleston (largest Exchange Club in the country with 267 members)

  • We assembled our team of subject matter experts from across the company to meet with you in Charleston so that you would know our capabilities.

    Senior Vice President of premier global aerospace and security company

  • I appreciate all of your efforts…thanks so much for your assistance. You prepared me well…

    Senior vice president of leading strategy and consulting firm with $2.7 billion in annual sales following federal government Inspector General testimony and dismissal of investigation.

Aviation Litigation

Our effectiveness in complex litigation is rooted in the capacity to quickly assess the facts following a thorough analysis of controlling documents review of client actions. We then work with

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Complex Commercial Litigation

We have repeatedly been called upon to represent the interests of a business interests both large and small and well-heeled individuals in a myriad circumstances that have "bet the business"

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Strategic Planning

We bring a formidable combination of professional acumen to each project. Our understanding of the interdisciplinary complexities of management structure and the larger context of effective asset allocation, produces

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