About Attorney Robert Lowe

about attorney robert lowe

Robert Lowe is an alumnus of two of the largest regional and nationally recognized law firms in the country. He will not take on any representation unless he believes that he can do so in an efficient and effective manner. Once retained, he is poised to craft a practical legal solution to challenges that confronts your business or situation.

Attorney Robert Lowe in his downtown Charleston, SC law officeBob has enjoyed practicing in the areas of commercial, financial institutions, intellectual property and corporate law litigation. His early experience involved complex business and tort litigation as a lead trial lawyer. These cases often involved 7-8 figure liability in federal courts throughout the country. Bob also has experience in product liability including aviation law in a case in which a teenaged child lost his 5-member family in a light airplane crash. Bob’s recent aviation law experience involved the defense of the premier airplane engine re-build facility based in Penn Yan, New York who was sued in South Carolina federal court for wrongful death. In May 2016, Bob concluded a Federal Labor Standards Act case pending in federal court. In September 2018, Bob won a copyright case via a Rule 12(b)(6) motion. Bob has also been a consultant to government agencies as well as the third largest government contractor in the world. As an attorney specializing in complex litigation cases, Bob has represented Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, regional financial institutions and federal agencies in complex litigation.

With over 35 years of legal experience backing him, Bob Lowe has represented clients in trial and appellate courts from New York to Arizona. He has also served as oversight counsel for insurance companies in cases involving potential liability of 7 figures plus in the federal courts of South Carolina and Virginia. Bob received his B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin and his J.D. from the University of Texas at Austin School of Law. He gained his early law experience as a complex litigation trial lawyer with two of the Southeast’s largest and nationally recognized law firms – McGuire, Woods and Hunton & Williams.

In the early 1990’s and after forming his own law firm, Bob’s firm was nationally recognized in the Wall Street Journal as one of the country’s most successful minority-owned law firms. During that time, the firm played a prominent role in due diligence, director and officer liability investigations, and related trial work for the US government during the financial crises of that time. During the same period, the firm represented the interests of a leading global strategy and technology consulting firm, two of the pre-eminent national banks in Virginia and Maryland, as well as numerous Fortune 500 companies including Nordstrom, Inc., Porsche Cars North America, and Rubbermaid Commercial Products. Bob also spearheaded his firm’s entry into Eastern Europe where his firm provided on site consultant services in the areas of financial services, bankruptcy, land registration, intellectual property and port privatization during a five-year period.

In the late 1990’s, Bob’s firm was selected as outside lead counsel for the government in not only investigating the cause of but also federal court litigation involving the largest bank failure during the previous 10 years with over $850 million in losses to the taxpayers. Bob’s work in strategic planning during this timeframe included work for the Department of the Air Force and his co-authorship of the current “Vanguard Strategy,” the blueprint for the future of the Air National Guard.

Bob started his South Carolina practice in 2005. He opened the downtown Charleston, South Carolina office in late 2006 and a Columbia, South Carolina office in early 2015. Bob has been in a semi-retired status as of January 2018 and accepts only selective cases. He continues to see clients and potential clients in a private conference center in downtown Charleston, SC. The firm has represented numerous businesses and individuals in the federal and state courts of South Carolina and Virginia, and has been involved in initiatives involving both regional and national interests. In February 2009, Bob and his firm won a federal court jury trial on behalf of a business client who was granted judgment following six days of trial. The federal court’s jury verdict included an award of money damages for fraud (and punitive damages) and violations of South Carolina’s Unfair Trade Practices Act. While the defendant appealed the judgement to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, the appeal was later precipitously withdrawn just prior to oral argument. The firm has also been involved in litigation involving fraud, anti-trust violations and trademark infringement in state and federal courts. In late 2013, the firm concluded the defense of a hotly contested aviation product liability case in federal court involving a jogger who was killed during the emergency landing of a high performance light airplane on Hilton Head Island beach. The case involved over 36 witnesses including plaintiff’s experts “familiar to all” with audio-visual depositions of more than half of the witnesses taken across the country. Engine inspections designed to determine the cause of failure were held and supervised by all counsel in Florida, Texas and California. Over 90 trial motions were filed by the three (3) parties.  The case settled just before trial for an amount less than defense costs going forward despite our client’s status as one of two target defendants with identical “liability.” In the Spring of 2016, Bob successfully concluded a Fair Labor Standards Act collective action matter in which his firm served as plaintiffs’ lead counsel involving other South Carolina and Virginia based law firms. The case was pending in the “Rocket Docket” of the Eastern District of Virginia and settled six (6) months after filing with all plaintiffs “made whole” and all sought after attorneys fees approved. Bob has recently successfully defended two intellectual property cases in South Carolina federal court, a trademark case that settled in the Spring of 2018 with no monies paid after Bob successfully excluded the plaintiff’s expert and factual witnesses, and a copyright case in the Fall of 2018 that was dismissed on a Rule 12(b)(6) motion.

Bob is a member of the bars of South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. He was named “Man of the Year” in 2009 by the Exchange Club of Charleston, the largest of 660 Exchange clubs in the US. Bob’s other community service activities have included duties as a member of the National Exchange Club Committee on Jurisprudence and Laws, Board of Directors of the Coastal Carolina Fair, District Secretary of the South Carolina Exchange Clubs, District Director of the South Carolina Exchange Clubs, and President and Secretary of the Evening Exchange Club of Charleston. Bob has also served as Outside General Counsel to the Coastal Carolina Fair. Bob served as president of the 23 South Carolina District Exchange Clubs from 2014-2015 and was the first lawyer in the 78-year history of the SC District to be so named.  During a national senior leadership training session in the Winter of 2013, Bob was elected by his peers as Team Leader/Spokesman for all of the 31 National Exchange Club district presidents in the U.S. In July 2015, Bob received national acclaim when he was awarded Star District President recognition at the Columbus, Ohio convention of the National Exchange Club. Bob has been a speaker at law forums sponsored by the government and seminars hosted by private and public colleges and universities. He has a special interest in immigration issues and was the featured guest on Comcast Television’s broadcast of “Issues and Answers – Immigration Policy in the U.S.” Bob has also appeared on the Emmy Award-Winning “Savage Report” where he was interviewed on issues involving South Carolina and the nation’s immigration laws.

Prior to law school, Bob proudly served in the US Air Force where he was a fighter pilot in the F-4 Phantom. His duty assignments included service in Southeast Asia during the period that the Air Force wound down its Vietnam era presence. Following his release from active duty and while attending law school at the University of Texas at Austin, Bob flew regular training and surveillance missions as a member of the Texas Air National Guard. After law school, and while maintaining an active sophisticated civil litigation practice at one of the premier law firms in the country, Bob served in the District of Columbia Air National Guard where he continued to fly fighter jets on a weekly basis. After forming his own law firm, Bob reverted to monthly “weekend warrior” status and served as the Director of Plans and Programs and later as Inspector General of the DC Air National Guard. He retired in 1993 as a lieutenant colonel.