Complex Litigation: Achieving the Unachievable

A large Federal agency was confronted with a significant litigation challenge – taking over the defense of claims of more than $21M arising from a bank failure (with over $850M in taxpayer losses, making it the largest in U.S. history) while simultaneously asserting counterclaims exceeding $6M. The case was unique in that nearly all witnesses who would normally assist in the defense were under Federal investigation or indictment, and therefore unavailable.

Within days following the bank’s closure, the LoweFirm® was contacted to act as lead outside counsel, based upon the client’s earlier experience with the firm in an almost equally challenging fast-paced federal court litigation elsewhere.

The firm’s work supporting over $2.5M in fees – included the analysis of over 1.8M pages of documents, and 110 CD-ROMs containing electronic data, and discovery production of relevant data. Our efforts were instrumental in thwarting several of plaintiff’s claims and resulted in a settlement posture yielding more than $6M for the government.