Complex Litigation: Betting The Business

Complex litigation case studies from litigator Bob Lowe:  A Fortune 500 insurance conglomerate was sued in a Maryland federal court action for several million dollars in addition to unspecified damages for bad faith. Although not immediately apparent, the case ultimately evolved to encompass 35 separate legal issues under the laws of Texas, Maryland and Virginia. Even more importantly, adverse findings in this action may well have caused significant financial setbacks in markets that our client had long depended upon.

The LoweFirm® was asked to provide an initial assessment and recommend actions to the conglomerate. We were subsequently retained to act as oversight counsel to the conglomerate’s two retained outside insurance defense counsel.

Our comprehensive work over a two-year period included the collection, review, and analysis of documents from numerous sources so voluminous that they filled 25 separate binders. We concurrently researched, analyzed, and prepared comprehensive legal memoranda on each of the 35 separate legal issues. These efforts enabled us to produce timely, effective, and accurate substantive and procedural guidance to both the conglomerate and its outside insurance counsel.

Our thorough and exhaustive preparations and complex litigation experience enabled us to orchestrate a very favorable and comprehensive settlement.