Complex Litigation: Ensuring Government Its Due

A large Federal agency discovered a series of potentially fraudulent billing practices by a law firm.  The projected losses would have resulted in significant fiscal losses to the taxpayers. The LoweFirm® was called upon to investigate these purportedly fraudulent dealings and to pursue a favorable resolution for the agency.

In our efforts spanning a two-year period, many unique challenges arose as we were called upon to ensure that the client had received the amount and type of services for which it had contracted and paid.  Not only were monthly billing records involved but also back-up documentation including court records in a half dozen jurisdictions.

Our established methodology for the review, analysis, and refinement of data into a useful database retrieval system was critical in the successful review of more than 25,000 pages of documents and the interviews of more than a dozen witnesses in three different states.

Our proactive strategy and case development yielded a Virginia federal court judgment requiring total repayment of the questioned amounts by the corporate law firm and a later equally successful Maryland federal court action against one of the principals of the law firm.