Strategic Planning/Execution: Creating A Climate for Economic Success

As part of the re-awakening of the former Warsaw Pact nations in Eastern Europe, a large Federal agency was confronted with unprecedented challenges in creating a viable and vital capital markets system where none had previously existed.

The LoweFirm® was called upon to provide technical assistance to private sector organizations in the new Republics interested in investment funds. Existing commitments both within the emerging nation and between that nation and the United States made success in this difficult venture a mandate.

During a two-year period, we essentially ‘jump started’ capital markets — something previously undeveloped despite the passage of some years following the Warsaw Pact collapse. The project required both unprecedented planning efforts (no parallel existed in our society) and the ability to pass the ‘acid test’ of executing the plan — in an environment not otherwise conducive to success.

The required end-state, effectively achieved, was the creation of a group of local nationals fully prepared to provide securities and market analysis throughout the investment fund and capital markets of their country.