Strategic Planning/Execution: Going Where None Had Gone Before

A large Federal agency was faced with a most unique and challenging dilemma: creation of trade and investment systems in several emerging republics of the former Soviet-bloc. Requirements in the contract, performed over a period of two years, included promotion of total, systematic fiscal policy reform to provide a stable investment planning environment as the precursor for real economic growth — intentionally stifled under Soviet domination.

The LoweFirm® was called in to tackle this daunting task, and our attorneys confronted a panoply of problems beyond the realm of experience in Western democracies. Removal of engrained, regimented processes (and those who ran them) while concurrently anticipating requirements, drafting relevant statutory and regulatory schemes, and confronting myriad issues in arriving at relevant and adequately trained staffing of the necessary agencies brought unique challenges – each well-met and resolved to the satisfaction of client and foreign government alike.

Our experience and sound relationships with all members of the inter-ministerial commissions was cited as the basis for continuation of the project on a wider scale in other emerging nations, to take advantage of the unique capabilities developed with our eye for achieving the impossible.