Philosophy of Bob Lowe Law Firm in Charleston, SC

Today’s Problems
Business (small businesses and large), banking, industrial, and governmental productivity in today’s environment are consistently hampered by a mix of interdisciplinary management problems and increasingly complex and frequent litigation.  Like it or not, that is where we are in 2015.

Our Solutions
To successfully overcome these obstacles, each of these groups requires counsel with keen insight, cogent reasoning and focused professional acumen.

The LoweFirm® has worked both inside and outside of traditional legal practice areas by bringing sophisticated analytical skills to bear in providing viable solutions to a wide spectrum of business and governmental issues.

A Short History

Proven Methodology
The LoweFirm® was formed more than two decades ago to forge its own “brand” of business-to-business litigation with twin goals: efficiency and effectiveness. From our initial representation of Fortune 500 companies in business-to-business litigation, our practice has expanded to include the representation of other high profile companies as well as federal agencies, senior governmental officials, and private individuals including high ranking CEO’s and general officers.  We also represent a number of medium and small businesses.

Unparalleled Effectiveness
Our valued clients have repeatedly sought out our proven ability not only to represent them in complex litigation, but also to design and execute management initiatives with far-reaching positive consequences on their behalf. Since the two concepts meld well, expansion of our practice in this direction has not compromised the LoweFirm’s®  “brand.”

Firm Processes

Depth of Experience
From the LoweFirm’s® beginnings, we have applied proven trial and appellate expertise to aggressively accomplish client desires. While the breadth of our litigation experience ranges from the most prestigious law firms in the Southeast to the highest reaches of military and administrative law, we constantly review and refine our operating processes. Our efficiency and effectiveness is firmly rooted in evolutionary thought. As we approach each unique problem – whether in complex business or banking litigation or in strategic planning and execution – constant review of our proven approaches ensures consistently high levels of performance.

Focused Strengths
The LoweFirm® is proud to have demonstrated successes not only in its extensive work in complex litigation (historically the province of the “mega” law firms), but also in its strategic planning and execution initiatives (a non-traditional practice area).

The “Value Added” Component

Making a Difference
From “bet the company” issues in commercial and aviation litigation, from management consulting to strategic planning, and from complex litigation to senior business to military officer representation, we respond only when we believe that we can bring ‘value added’ to client issues. In an era when “one stop shopping” is widely touted, we remain one of the few firms that accepts work only when we recognize and are prepared to solve the unique, and on most occasions multi-faceted, issues presented. Once engaged, we maintain a dedicated orientation to productivity, a genuine concern for client goals and requirements, and a practiced eye to both current and future problem avoidance.

Team Composition

Team Concepts
A big part of the reason we can be both effective and efficient is our consistent recognition of the importance of using the right ‘tool’ for the job. Just as an elephant is seldom required to dispense with a colony of ants, an oversized and bureaucratic response seldom produces both desirable results and reasonable outlays to achieve them.  We also employ computer programs and processes some of which have been designed exclusively for the LoweFirm’s® use with our Apple computers (we know of no other law firm with our skill set, certainly in the Southeast, that has converted to Apple computers), data based management and cloud server technology.  In this way, we strive not only to maintain the ‘right sized’ team, but also to keep “ahead of the power curve.” We accomplish much by sizing and adjusting strategy, services and structure to meet client requirements. This flexibility, robust agility and active guidance by the firm’s founder enables us to avoid the many, largely unproductive management tiers found at even most mid-sized boutique law firms.

Consistent Quality of Results

Quality Control and Assurance:  Consistent Focal Points
The capstone of our efforts is our successful internal management practices in combination with our profound dedication to quality control and quality assurance. We remain on the cutting edge of disciplined management, hardware and software integration among law firms — organizations often known and frequently criticized for fractious existences and protracted delay. Beginning with the first step of establishing client goals and the methods projected to attain them, our clients are invariably impressed with the speed with which we can assess the strengths and weaknesses of a position, formulate a reasoned plan of action, act to immediately implement the plan, and produce the most rapid possible and positive resolution.

The Substantive Work reflected in our CASE STUDIES and the effectiveness referred to in our many client comments did not occur by accident.

The LoweFirm® is fortunate to have enjoyed the confidence of a wide range of clients who have recognized that we can quickly assess requirements, marshal data, derive a workable plan, and produce tangible positive results capable of meeting even the most demanding task master (which generally turns out to be our own quality control and assurance processes).