Aviation Litigation

aviation litigation attorney robert lowe

Robert Lowe flew his first airplane over four decades ago as a student pilot in the U.S. Air Force. Following 8-years of active duty including flying jet fighters in Southeast Asia, Bob continued to fly jet fighters in the Texas Air Guard while attending law school full time.  He later flew for the District of Columbia Air Guard while contemporaneously working as a fledgling trial lawyer in one of the largest and highly respected law firms in the Southeast. Bob ultimately retired as a lieutenant colonel with over 2500 hours of fighter time.

Fresh out of law school at the University of Texas with his law license at age 32, Bob’s law firm and his client found that Bob was anything but “fledgling” as he was called upon to represent the interests of the sole surviving family member in a case involving pilot negligence and product liability in federal court.  Notably, Bob’s client lost his parents and three (3) siblings. Bob took depositions all across the country including NTSB investigators, defendants’ experts and fact witnesses, extensively briefed the case, and following a single mediation before a 3-lawyer panel of distinguished lawyers, garnered a generous settlement relatively early in the case that was funded by both the negligent pilot and the airplane manufacturer.

Fast forward 30 years later, and after defending numerous complex cases, Bob found himself representing an aircraft engine repair facility over a failed crankshaft in a wrongful death of a jogger that lasted over three (3) years in federal court.  While the plaintiff claimed that Bob’s client should have found a crack in the crankshaft, Bob and his experts contended that the case involved the pilot’s mis-installation of the propeller causing an overload crack after the engine repair.  Other defenses included pilot error in that the pilot overflew a suitable airport and negligently selected a busy beach to land his high performance airplane.  Depositions numbered over three dozen across seven (7) states from coast to coast, more than half of which were videotaped.  Multiple engine inspections were also undertaken.  The case was extensively briefed with over 90 Daubert and in limine motions filed. The case was settled just before trial when it became obvious that there were no facts suggesting liability – only the opinions of the industry’s “hired guns.”

Aviation litigation attorney Robert Lowe is well equipped to handle aviation cases anywhere in the Fourth Circuit including South Carolina, Virginia, District of Columbia and Maryland – all states in which he is licensed in both state and federal court.  And, he has the results to prove it!