Strategic Planning

Strategic planning by attorney Robert Lowe

We bring a formidable combination of professional acumen to each strategic planning project.  Our understanding of the interdisciplinary complexities of management structure and the larger context of effective asset allocation, produces efficient and pragmatic solutions to enhance productivity. Tested and proven analytical skill sets combine the objectivity of legal training with the ‘real world’ experience and contacts necessary to ensure effectiveness as advisers and planners. We begin by effective definition of the challenge, and immediately create a workable plan to achieve desired results derived with our clients.  Our processes are designed to ensure timely and useful results in each situation.  The Lowe Firm’s® projects in this area include or have included the development of:

  • A Regional Market Entry Program for an Upscale National Retailer in Northern Virginia
  • Capital and Real Estate Markets in Romania and Moldova
  • Trading and Investment Structures in the former Soviet-bloc Republics of Kazakstan, Krygyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan
  • Intellectual Property Laws to Comport with the Mandates of the World Trade Organization in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan
  • the Vanguard Strategic Plan for the Air National Guard (co-author)
  • Privatization of the Port of Murmansk
  • Port Security Initiative involving a major US port