The past three years have been trying. Defending the nonsensical suit brought against us has
been an emotional rollercoaster that is impossible to describe to anyone who has not
experienced such a disastrous event. This experience has had far reaching effects on not just
me and my family, but our team of employees and their families as well. From a business
owner who had everything on the line, it has been a great weight to bear.

As you know, I have spent many many hours with many many attorneys through my years in
the General Aviation business. Some good, some bad … always in crisis. I want you to know
that with all my sincerity, and without hesitation, without question, you have been the hardest
working, most thoughtful, most intelligent, most insightful, most caring person AND attorney
that I have ever spent time with. And as importantly … the best partner I could have asked for
to stand beside me through this “dog fight.” In fact, these simple words can’t justify the
exponential thought and effort you put forth for my personal well being and for the Penn Yan
Aero family.

Your exceptional efforts allowed us to walk away from this lawsuit unscathed, with our heads
held high, and as you always said, “on the side of the angels.”

There will always be a bottle of Taylor Port in my cellar with your name on it…ready for that

And as Iceman said in the movie Top Gun … “You can be my wingman any day!”
From all of us at Penn Yan Aero, thank you!

William Middlebrook
Penn Yan Aero
RPM Technik, Inc.